Powerful and versatile, it batches the most difficult products, both traditional and pre-mixed materials thanks to its high power, increased speed and the possibility to reverse the direction of rotation of the paddles.

Standard Equipment

  • Single-phase 230V/50Hz motor
  • Gearmotor in oil bath and high performance Poly-V transmission belt
  • Electric safety limit switch
  • Thermal-magnetic switch with IP 55 no-volt coil and IP 67 plug
  • Paddle rotation reversing gear
  • Grid with bag-splitting blade
  • Extendable handles
  • Lifting hooks
  • Additional wheels

Fast and homogeneous batching

Thanks to the forced-duty planetary mixing system the batching time is minimal: batching 80 litres of lean mortar takes about 40 seconds.

สนใจสินค้าและบริการ โทร : 09 8275 9898
Drum capacity 120 l
Mixing performance 90 l
Drum diameter 745 mm
Max grain size 8 mm
Paddle speed 38 rpm
Electric motor power rate 230V/50Hz 1.4 kW
Running current 9 A
SPL in operator’s position 70 dB (A)
Machine weight (packing) 130 (139) Kg
Dimensions w/l/h (packing) 745/842/1277 (770/880/955) mm