Spin 15A for mixing quickly: premixed plasters, masonry mortars, self-levelling materials, premixed materials in bags for conventional floor-screeds, fine mortar for laying thermal insulation systems and tiles (with dedicated optional kit).In combination with a plaster sprayer or mortar pump,it can form a single mixing and pumping unit.

Standard Equipment Spin 15A

  • Hopper with bag-breaker galvanized grid
  • Mixing shaft with wear-resistant steel paddles
  • Water system
  • Water pump
  • Water hose


  • Ergonomic controls
  • Patented IMER gear motor with direct transmission for high performance
  • In combination with a plaster sprayer or mortar pump, it can form a single mixing and pumping unit
  • Maximum safety for the operator: the automatic mixing lock is enabled when the mixing chamber is removed, in observance of EC regulations
  • Adjustable height (950,1095 and 1165 mm)
  • High motor torque for optimum start-up with full load
  • Easy to disassemble, clean and maintain
  • Easy to transport thanks to low bulk and weight, and to the perfect balance of the machine.
สนใจสินค้าและบริการ โทร : 09 8275 9898
Supply 230V/50Hz
Motor power rate 1,4 kW
Mixer/paddle speed 280 rpm
Mixing performance 15-18 l
Hopper/tank capacity 60 l
Standard water pump yes
Loading height 1165/1095/950 mm
Dimensions w/l/h 720/1380/1165-950 (max-min) mm
Box dimensions w/l/h 800/590/830 mm
Weight (with packing) 78 (82) kg
Sound pressure level < 65 dB(A)