• Two-cylinder piston pump with hydraulic control
  • 4-cylinder liquidcooled diesel engine
  • Engines that meet the latest anti-pollution regulations
  • Well-soundproofed engine compartment
  • ANTISHOCK control panel with electromechanical controls
  • S-transfer valve with seal system and automatic wear takeup
  • Taper hopper to simplify cleaning operations
  • Openable and tiltable hopper for easy maintenance
  • Two-way hopper mixer
  • Pump with exclusive SOFT SPRITZ system to ensure ideal pumping conditions also at low fl ow rates
  • COOL FAST larger-sized cooling system for use in extreme conditions
  • Compact dimensions ideal for on-site transport and better handling.

Choose Booster 15:
for pumping concrete, self-levelling floor screeds and for shotcreting.

Standard Equipment

  • 4-cylinder diesel engine
  • Hopper with agitator
  • Grid with 12 V vibrator
  • Hydraulic system with reversing
  • Pumping unit with S-transfer valve for automatic compensation of clearance and wear
  • 4" Victaulic delivery manifold (Ø 100 mm)
  • Control panel with electromechanical controls
  • ON-OFF remote control via cable
  • End pipe clearing basket
  • Accessory box
  • Pipe cleaning equipment
  • Drawbar for non-towable version
  • Road-towable drawbar, parking brake and light units (road-towable version)

Optional Accessories

  • Automatic greasing system
  • High pressure jet cleaner
  • Pump for fast setting additive for shotcreting
  • ON-OFF radio control
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